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The company INTERMOVE SA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT, was driven to provide high quality services in the field of transport. Having invested in machinery and packaging materials and latest technology in warehouses suitable for housing - storing various items such as household goods, valuables and works of art, drugs and goods, is one of the most regulated businesses in the sourcing of goods both in Greece and in the international arena.
We also have a fleet of new trucks suitable for safe transportation of goods and specialized staff (management, vendors, consultants and relocation services, office workers, packers, facilitators, drivers, agents), where professionalism leads us to achieve our goal of THE PERFECT TRANSPORTATION !
Experience removal / relocation with INTERMOVE SA is unique, whether moving within Greece or abroad. We provide services to a variety of clients such ... Multinational Companies, Embassies, Banks, Government and Public Services, Educational institutions, Educational institutes etc. trust us and we outsource the transportation of their offices, storage of archives, the relocation of employees worldwide, the handling customs, shipping documents and promotional material etc.
Museums, galleries and famous artists to outsource part of Fine Arts (Fine Arts) of SA INTERMOVE packing and safe transportation projects in every corner of the earth. Individuals rely on us to carry anything transported as household goods, cars, luxury yachts, private collections Works »Art up their favorite pets.

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